Scholarships Overview

The University of Evansville is the largest provider of financial aid to our students.

Students must first be admitted to the University of Evansville before any type of financial aid can be offered or processed. Merit-based scholarships are awarded only at the time of acceptance based upon the information gathered from the University of Evansville Application for Admission and Scholarship. Awards are renewable for up to three years as long as the student continues to meet renewal criteria. Scholarship amounts are awarded at the time of admission and do not increase in subsequent years. The types of scholarships offered, standards for selection, amounts, and renewal criteria may change with each new academic year.

University of Evansville merit-based scholarships are not available for students enrolling under the Education Teaching Articulation Agreement or enrolling in programs administered by the Center for the Advancement of Learning, RN to BSN, or Transition to Teaching.

For information regarding Tuition Exchange, please contact the Office of Academic Affairs.
For information regarding Tuition Remission, please contact the Office of Human Resources.